Gail Wight
Homage to the Wind

October 15–17, 2017

GALLERY HOURS: Daily from 12–5pm


Plexus Projects is pleased to present Homage to the Wind, a solo exhibition by Gail Wight. Wight's videos, inspired by Joseph Albers' Homage to the Square, explore the square as a visual device and its impact on the function of the human eye and visual perception. The wind emerges as an invisible apparatus made visible by its impact on the movement of water, birds and foliage. The compositing of the footage activates the technology of the video medium itself as geometric squares intersect with organic forms and are momentarily perceived as “glitch” or digital artifact. 

Gail Wight’s exhibition is part of a series of programming examining notions of the “apparatus”. 


“...In my videos, I was seeing that the wind was creating all of these textures and colors and movements that defined what I was looking at and gave me specific information about local conditions––a visual understanding, and appreciation, of my environment. Without wind, we would experience another type of loss: a visual impoverishment that would condemn the ever-changing beauty of our world to an insufferable banality...”

— excerpt from Windswept, by Gail Wight, Art Practical, "Art, Science, and Wonder Issue", 2015